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Frequently Asked Questions

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~ How Much Does It Cost?

The cost typically ranges between $150 and $200 for products the first time. They will last for a good 6 to 8 weeks. We choose the products that are right for your skin and your type of acne. There are products that we call actives that we will strengthen as we move through the program. If you choose to do only the consultation, the cost will be $50. If you do the consultation and decide to start the program, the cost will be $125. Each subsequent treatment will cost $75. Please note that products are sold separately. We require you to come in every two weeks for treatment and extractions.

~ How Does The Program Work and How quickly should I see results?

If you use only the products that we recommend, in the way that you are instructed, using the correct amount, and make the necessary lifestyle changes, in most cases we can have your acne under control in 3 – 4 months. (read more)

~ How Long Does Each Appointment Take?

The first appointment is usually the longest. Most people get their first treatment following the consultation. The consultation is about 30 minutes and each treatment is roughly 1 hour. As you move through the program, there will be fewer extractions. (Assuming that you are following the program as instructed). During the first treatment, we will perform a light peel and extractions.

~ What Are Extractions and do they hurt?

Extractions are literally removing the impaction from the pore. An Extraction can be uncomfortable, especially if you have inflamed acne and have been impacted for a long time. However, most find the discomfort tolerable. Also, as we move through the program, your skin becomes more tolerant. The peels help soften the impactions, making the extractions easier. Consequently, less uncomfortable. And remember, there will be fewer extractions the further into the program we get. Fewer comedones forming is a clear indication that the program and products are working for you. COMPLIANCE IS KEY!

~ I Have Had Waxing Or A Peel Recently, should I be concerned?

We recommend that you wait at least 2 weeks before starting the program. Those treatments can make your skin sensitive.

~ What Can I Expect From The First Appointment?

1) We will take pictures so that we can actually see the progress as we work through the program.

2) We will analyze your skin and determine which products will be right for you

3) We will do a light peel and some extractions

4) We will thoroughly explain how to use the products.

5) Give you a schedule to follow. I recommend that you get a spiral notebook. Tape your schedule in the notebook and keep track of exactly what you do. This gives you and me a record of exactly what you do and when. The instructions will change throughout the program. It can get confusing. Make it easier on yourself and get the spiral notebook.

6) I expect you to call me if you have any concerns at all. I will be able to advise you on what to do.

7) It is VIP that you let me know if you have any known allergies to products. I can’t possibly know if you don’t know.

~ Can I Continue To Use Topicals And Medications Prescribed By My Dermatologist?

NO!! We recommend that you discontinue all products of any kind prior to starting this program. We have to know exactly what is being used on your skin at all times to determine what product works and/or needs to be strengthened. OUR PHILOSOPHY is we can get acne under control without medications. There are supplements that we will recommend that help combat inflammation anywhere in the body. There can be life-long conditions from the continued use of antibiotics or Accutane. Be sure that is a risk that you are willing to take. We will teach you what lifestyle changes to make to reduce the formation of comedones.

~ What If I Don’t Want A Peel or Extractions?

You are taking two VIP tools off the table that we use to get you clear. I WOULD NOT recommend this! There are specific reasons we do both. The peel helps you to exfoliate and softens the impacted comedones. The extractions help you to clear quicker and see results sooner. Also, the peel helps with hyperpigmentation that often accompanies acne. Would you rather have a few minutes of discomfort or wear the acne for months? The peels are also great for anti-aging!!! Too many benefits to not use these tools!

~ Will The Peel and Extractions Make My Skin Red?

YES! Unfortunately, we cannot avoid this! DO NOT schedule your treatments before you have to attend an important function or have pictures made. Be sure to schedule your appointments when you can go home. We will want you to ice your skin when you get home. We have found that icing for 2 minutes each night and after each treatment is a VIP part of the program. ICING is your friend! It helps reduce swelling and inflammation! FYI, when we say ice for 2 minutes, we mean to constantly have the ice in motion, moving over the skin. Do not hold in one place for 2 minutes. You will get a freezer burn.

~ What If I Am An Athlete?

If you wear a helmet, it will agitate acne. We recommend that you purchase alcohol and cotton balls or alcohol pads and clean your helmet in between uses. We also recommend that you rinse the sweat from your face ASAP until you are able to shower and follow your regimen.

~ Is There a Guarantee That I Will Get Clear If I Do The Program?

NO! You don’t get a guarantee from a doctor and I cannot guarantee that this will work for you. However, there has been a 90% success rate with those that have done this program and have been compliant. If the program does not work, it is almost always from non-compliance.
For instance, you decide not to do your AM or PM regimen. You go somewhere and forget your products for a couple of days. You are eating foods that are known to cause comedones to form.
COMPLIANCE is key!!!

~ Is The Program and Products Covered by Insurance?

No. However, some clients are able to use HSA (Health Savings Accounts). You will need to check with your provider to see if our program and products are covered.

~ What If I Cannot Afford The Program?

If you cannot afford to do the entire program, I recommend that you at least purchase the products. I can coach you as much as my schedule allows. You will most likely get improvements with the products. Just not as much and as quickly as doing the program. However, it will be better than doing nothing. Scars can be refined through microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing ($$$$). However, the skin will never return to its original integrity. It is in your best interest to take preventative measures!

~ Will I Have To Continue The Program Forever?

I would recommend that you continue the program until you outgrow the disorder. Acne is hereditary!!! Burnout usually occurs somewhere in the early 20’s. However, there is a small % of people that continue to have this disorder throughout life. If you should fall into that %, we will have learned what products manage your acne and with occasional treatments we will be able to manage your acne successfully.

~ What About When I Go Away To College how can I get my products?

We can ship products to you and you can come in for treatments when you are home for your holiday.

~ Are You A Doctor?

No, I am a Licensed Esthetician with the State of Texas. I have been certified in the treatment of acne by Face Reality in CA. As such, I am a member of a large organization of Estheticians across the country who are passionate about treating acne and providing excellent skin care. It is impossible to know everything about all products and services that are available on the market. We confer with each other often and share knowledge and experiences. We all want the very BEST for our clients! Many of us have struggled with acne ourselves. We all do our best to stay informed with the latest information available in the industry. The State of Texas requires us to renew our certifications every two years.


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